Phoenix 10 Piece Brush Set – Black Brush Roll

$275.00 $5 flat rate shipping in New Zealand
  • 10 Brushes in a convenient brush roll
  • Pink haired brushes
  • Hand made
  • PLEASE SEE NOTE BELOW on this offer

The black Brush Rolls have SOLD OUT!

These sets DO NOT come with a back roll. Instead we are offering x3 extra Brushes at no cost, of your own choice. Please take note that purchase of this offer means no brush roll will be sent but you can choose x3 extra brushes instead. Please make a note when you process the sale on what x3 brushes of your choice you would like.

A brush set perfect for makeup lovers and women who need great tools for makeup application.
Phoenix brushes are great for everyday and professional use. The brushes are all hand made and designed to last well with proper care.

When you purchase the brush set you receive savings of over 50%!
Please note: The brush roll included in this purchase is a large black roll which hoods 13 brushes, has a side pocket and is black (it differs to the image). We change the design of the rolls regularly. 

All 10 brushes have their own unique use, look at each of our brush product pages to view the use techniques.

Keep the handles dry and use shampoo to wash monthly. Use a brush cleaner in between uses. Always lay the brushes flat to dry.

Please note that colours may vary from what you see on the computer screen. We do not take responsibility for colour variation. Contact one of our stores if you would like some advice choosing the right shades.