Eyelash Extensions

Express Lashes

Have beautiful lashes in just 30-45 minutes and never wear mascara again!

An experienced Phoenix lash stylist will apply silk lashes one at a time to create fuller and longer luscious lashes. Our lash stylists famously known as The Pink Ladies are experts in the field of lashes, brows and makeup and will give you glamorous looking eyelashes.

Our Eyelash Extensions are weightless, look absolutely natural, feel great and will last between 2 to 4 weeks.

Eyelash Extensions fall out naturally with your lash life cycle. Infills are recommended every 3 to 4 weeks to maintain your lashes.

We stock a number of varying lash lengths, thickness and curvature to ensure a customized look to suit your eye shape. The process takes about 25 up to 45 minutes.

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Natural Set: $50
Natural In-Fill: $40
A natural set of fine extensions, adds length and definition to your lashes.  MIN 50-60 LASHES PER EYE.
Betty Lash Set: $60
Betty Lash In-Fill: $45
This look is soft but effective with length and volume towards the edge of the eye. MIN 60-80 LASHES PER EYE.
Obsessed Set: $70
Betty Lash In-Fill:
An intense and sultry set of thicker lashes, provides maximum volume and impact. MIN 80-100 LASHES PER EYE. 
Bombshell Set: $80
Bombshell Set In-Fill:
A decadent, full and thick set of lashes that make a statement! Our most luxurious set. MIN 100-125 LASHES PER EYE.
Sweetheart Half-Set: $25
Sweetheart Half-Set In-Fill:
Your choice of fuller or finer lashes, applied from the lashes from the centre of your eye outwards. MIN 30-40 LASHES PER EYE.

Under-Eye Set

Eyelash Extensions Removal: $25


Our Application Method

At Phoenix Cosmetics we give a consultation prior to the lash application. We will discuss the application process, your desired look and our knowledgeable Pink Ladies will recommend what lashes are better suited to you.

While the extensions are being applied you are constantly comfortable sitting upright with your eyes open, looking downwards. A set takes about 30 minutes to apply, perfect if you want to pop in for lush lunch break lashes!

Viewing from the top of your lashes means our artists have the best view of your natural lashes, ensuring natural, clump free results.

Our Products

Phoenix Cosmetics uses high quality Phoenix Lash products, with a huge range of available lengths, curls and thicknesses.
Our silk and synthetic lashes are available in a B, C and J Curls from 8mm to 14mm in length.

Our lashes vary in thicknesses from 0.15mm to 0.3mm

This enables us to tailor a look that is suited specifically for you