Eyebrow Extensions

An new exciting invention. Now available in Phoenix stores!

Similar to Eyelash Extensions, silk individual hair is placed onto the eye brows to create a fuller, thicker eye brow. Eyebrow Extensions are perfect for bald patches on the brow, caused by scar tissue or thinner, patchy brows due to over tweezing.

Importantly this helps Alopecia sufferers and cancer patients who have lost part or all of their eye brows. Eyebrow Extensions are water-resistant and can last up to 14 days and will need regular maintenance every fortnight.

Eyebrow Extensions are recommended for a special occasion, a wedding, special photographs, or event. For constant wear, regular maintenance would be required.

Phoenix Renata known as NZ’s own Eyebrow Queen says
“New Zealander’s have embraced the power of the eyebrow, and understand the significance and dramatic enhancement a great eyebrow can make, the confidence and self-esteem that extensions give is over whelming – Eyebrow Extensions will only add to the grooming process and empower women even more”

At this stage Eyebrow Extensions are available in the following stores: Takapuna, Pukekohe, Kingsland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch.

Eyebrow Extensions are also available by booking with Phoenix Renata, Phoenix Cosmetics founder and CEO, who works exclusively providing eyebrow re-shaping and extensions. Phoenix is permanently based in Auckland, Kingsland.


Eyebrow Extensions & Brow Magic Shape: $89
Eyebrow Extensions Full Set: $75
Eyebrow Extensions In-Fill Full Set:$55
Eyebrow Extensions End of Brow: $35
Eyebrow Extensions Removal: $18

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