Eye Brow Magic

“Brows are one of the most important features on your face. Brows show strength of character, personality and beauty. Far too many women neglect their eyebrows. The eyebrows frame the eyes and the face so they are utterly important. They alter a person’s appearance significantly with the slightest change. Once properly shaped to suit someone’s face they carry a real sense of beauty”. - Phoenix Renata

The Eyebrow Queen, Phoenix Renata is a renowned eyebrow expert. Eyebrow Shaping has always been her specialty and she spends a lot of time training her Phoenix Artists to become brow perfectionists. She has developed a real passion in this area of makeup. She has shaped brows for many celebrity clients, models and even professional makeup artists!

 At Phoenix Cosmetics we deliver Brow Magic which is a service that Phoenix Cosmetics is famous for. We will professionally shape your brows to give you the perfect size, fit and shape for your face shape. We look at eyebrows from a Makeup Artists perspective, we don’t just “tidy” brows, we shape them.

You will notice a dramatic difference to the appearance of your brows once you have them shaped by a Phoenix Artist.  We have the most experienced Brow team in New Zealand. 

Phoenix has trained all of the Phoenix Makeup Artists to perfectly brow shape, and as our artists work on hundreds of brow shapes a week our experience and passion for eyebrows is unparalleled.The Phoenix Artists will find a shape perfect for you and will teach you how to correctly colour and shape your eyebrows in a service consultation. Bookings are essential.

 "Phoenix makes every arch they work on a perfect window frame to the soul” - Metro Magazine, Phoenix Cosmetics BEST BROWS AWARD



Eyebrow Magic: $27

Eyebrow & Eyelash Tint: $40

Eyebrow Tint: $25

Eyebrow Magic with Phoenix Renata: $40

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