Custom Blend Foundation

Exclusive to Phoenix Boutiques. Unique to You

Wear foundation like a model does – Custom Blended.

Custom blend foundations are matched, mixed and packaged for you, on the spot.

Our custom blend foundation is a must-have for women wanting the perfect foundation match. 

Custom blend foundations are hypoallergenic, available in a matte or dewy finish, have a water-based formula, and include vitamins A, D, and E to nourish and protect the skin.

In our stores our team of Pink Lady Makeup Artists will match your skin perfectly in just 5 minutes, and will mix up a bottle of your unique shade. We keep this tone mix on file for you so you can re-order. 

Most people have a summer and winter shade, but your base tone remains the same. To re-order your custom blend, simply click the ‘My Custom Blend’ colour option when choosing your shade. If you have not been in-store before & wish to order, pop in and see us and we will find your perfect match. 

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Custom Blend Foundation - Matte Finish

Custom Blend Foundation - Dewy Finish

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