Brow & Lash Tinting


At our boutiques Tinting is a great way to colour your brows and lashes with or without wearing makeup every day. Tinting can be a perfect thing to do before a vacations where you can’t apply makeup, or a wonderful way to naturally darken lashes and brows.

We recommend having your eyelashes tinted before having eyelash extensions applied. This darkens your natural lashes, which in turn makes the extensions appear fuller and thicker.

Tinting your brows after a brow shape is a nice way to make your professional shape stand out.   


Brow Tint: $25

Lash Tint: $25

Brow & Lash Tint: $40

Phoenix’s team of Pink Ladies are experienced, thoroughly trained and skilled Makeup Artists who are all passionate about Makeup and dedicated to providing excellent beauty services, tinting is one of the things we love to do!


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