Beauty School

The Phoenix Cosmetics Beauty School is passionate about makeup and is dedicated to sharing this passion with students who wish to learn any aspect of make-up artistry.

Benefits of training at the Phoenix Beauty School

Complete our workshops with Phoenix Certification and learn from the best in the field. Be taught by passionate and contemporary artists who are consistently involved in the make-up field.

You will work with top quality make-up range Phoenix Cosmetics, which was of course been designed by kiwi make-up artist Phoenix Renata.

There are endless possibilities that the Phoenix Cosmetics brand can offer you, that makes it possible for you to move forward into work opportunities such as;


  • A Phoenix Cosmetics apprenticeship
  • Stocking Phoenix Cosmetics in your own makeup business
  • Becoming a Phoenix Pink Lady makeup artist

Our makeup workshops have been designed by Phoenix Renata the Phoenix Cosmetics founder specifically to provide students with the correct modernised skills, knowledge, industry protocol information, and confidence to succeed as a make-up artist, or add up-skill techniques to your repertoire as an artist or salon.

All workshops are 2 to 3 hours long. We hold seasonal workshops on the following subjects:

Eyelash Extensions Workshop

How to apply eyelash extensions and retail the service in your salon

Advance Me Workshop

Advanced Skills for Makeup Artists:

  • Colour Theory

  • Fashion Techniques

  • Photographic Print

  • Make-up Accessories

  • Avant Garde

Up Skill Workshop

A workshop designed for Beauty therapists, Hairdressers or salon workers who wish to learn more about make-up artistry. 

  • Foundation & Brush Technique

  • Product Knowledge

  • Product Sales

  • Corrective make-up and basic colour Theory

  • Lash application

  • Makeup-Skills

DIY Make-up Workshop

A workshop designed for women who want to apply their own makeup at a professional level, and wish to know more about application techniques, makeup styles, product and colour choices.

  • Smokey Eyes

  • Colour Choice

  • Brush technique

  • Styles to suit

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