8 Best Pan Flutes you need to buy

Pan Flute is a musical instrument that consists of numerous pipes lined in a row. These pipes are of various sizes and/or are blocked at various points so that when the user blows air into it a melody can be played. There are various types of Pan flutes spread across civilizations and places.

Best Pan Flutes

  • The Syrinx, from Greece, is spread across Europe. All the European pan flutes are derived from the syrinx.
  • The Paixiao, from China, is a bamboo flute with 16 pipes in total that are assembled in a semi-circular shape.
  • The Andes, the most famous non-European from the Andes. To this day, the Andean music is highly influenced by the pan flutes.

1. Ramos Professional Peru Treasure Standard Size Curved Antara Pan Flute

It is an instrument that anyone would be proud to own due to its beauty. It has a very neat and clean build. It’s made out of refined bamboo. As we all know, it is a woodwind instrument. It has it roots in the Andes where musicians, decades ago used to perform. It is a 13-pipe set-up with the length varying across the range. Given its professional background, it comes with an affordable price. The last thing to worry about should be the sound, as it has excellent sound quality and tone.

2. Fenglv 16 Pipes Eco-Friendly Resin C Tone Pan Flute

This pan flute is for a beginner. Fenglv 16 Pipes Pan Flute will prove to be an excellent starting point. The instrument itself is easy to practice on and learn. Although by the looks of it, it’s not the one that you would carry on for the rest of your journey with music. The robust build quality and Eco-friendly materials add to the goodness of it. The cherry on top is that its affordable.

3. MoonAngel 25 Pipes Pan Flute

This is a more common instrument among people from china. It’s an enjoyable instrument that can be played by a child or an adult as well. it has a very high-quality sound, as well as the construction, both compliment the user-friendliness. The 25-pipe set-up helps provides with a beautiful tone and due to the bamboo built the sound is really impressive. In comparison to the other pan flutes out there, it’s a heavier one. Yet, it’s lightweight and playable. Also, the playability of this flute is what makes this instrument the best-selling flute on the market.

4. Peru Treasure Beginner Antara Pan Flute

This is a Peruvian flute. It’s a cute little portable instrument. Due to its small build, it’s meant for younger generations. Even a complete newbie should be able to pick it up and carve up some decent skills. Although it comes tuned to E minor, there’s always room for customization. The beautiful reproduction of the Inca sounds will blow your mind away. The fact that it is handmade should give you the idea that it is meant for long-lasting usage. Also due to its build quality, the tone and sound produced by it are really amazing.

5.Peru Treasure 15 Pipes Pan Flute

Yet another Peruvian treasure. Peruvian flutes are some of the best and the most beautiful flutes present out there. The quality of the material used and the construction of the contribute to the superb tonal quality. The ease with which the tunes can be adjusted is amazing and is really effortless to modulate sounds while playing the instrument. It is tuned to the key C. It can be easily recommended to use of any level of skill set. And the fact that it can be used for all sorts of occasions is just delighting.

6. Sanyork Zampona Panflute

Sanyork Zampona Panflute is made from the Andean bamboo which is known for its durability and authentic sounds. The build quality ensures long-lasting usage. The design of this ancient pan flute is based on the closed tube design. By the looks of it, it shiny and stands out. The production house is made to give attention to the detailing and the beauty of the flute. The only con here is that the pipes are not perfectly aligned. And also that it doesn’t come with a case. Otherwise, it is a great flute to take off your musical skills with.

7. Alii of Hawaii Bamboo Pan Flute

If you’re looking for a more professional flute then this might not be the choice for you. This flute is meant for kids, as a souvenir instrument, or a toy. Although it’s meant for children, that doesn’t mean that the sound quality is affected. It’s a handmade bamboo pan flute, which means that it gives out high-quality sounds. It’s a high-quality flute if you’re the person for whom the looks and feel of it are more important than the sound or the playability of the instrument itself.

8. Concert Series Pan Flute

Concert Series Pan Flute is a 12-piped curved pan flute that comes with a diatonic scale between A to E. Although the quality of the materials used here might be okay but combined with good construction, the overall flute is pretty decent. Due to the construction, the flute is sturdy and the sound is more than just acceptable. The takeaway here is the looks, it looks really appealing with its beautiful finishing touch. Concert Series Pan Flute is really easy to handle and comfortable to play, perfect for beginners as well.