8 Best Clarinet Brand Reviews

The clarinet is a woodwind instrument that has a warm tone and suits a lot of musical types such as classical and jazz. It covers the entire range of notes from low notes by the contrabass to the high ones by the piccolo clarinet. The clarinet is much like a saxophone where the user blows into the narrow gap between the mouthpiece and the reed to produce sound. The user is usually known as a clarinetist. We have the B flat clarinet which is the one used in most music styles whereas the A, which is used in chamber music and orchestra.

Qualifications of a good clarinet

  • The clarinet should have keys that cover the holes without sticking but completely.
  • It should have a bore made from wood that is smooth, dry and clean.
  • The last area where the sound travels in a clarinet is known as the bell. A clarinet should have a bell that isn’t cracked or chipped on the inside or even outside for that matter. It can dilute or distort the sound. Hence avoid instruments that show any kind of wear and abuse.
  • It should have joints that come covered with a thin layer of cork.

Best Clarinet Brands

Buying the best instrument also involves the experience of the player, the budget and the preferred quality the user requires. All these criteria should be equally weighted before making a decision.


It stands among the best clarinet brands for a professional clarinetist. These come with custom made wood instruments which are known for their sound quality. As a featuring instrument, we have the YCL-CSVR model which is a handcrafted custom clarinet. It is known to have a rich, full sound and the custom-made bell design improves the overall sound experience.


It is a contender to the Yamaha as The buffet maintains its top-rated clarinet status in the market. For a feature, we have the R13 model which is well renowned by the professional clarinetist in the industry. The R13 model is treated with a resin coating over the wood which provides extra strength to the instrument. Here, the design of the instrument helps in maintaining the overall tone quality.


It is not as well-known as the Buffet or the Yamaha but the Vento has models that produce good quality sounds and are more cost accessible than most of the others on the market right now. As a feature, we have the Vento 901-VEBC. Although it is of the key Bb, which isn’t standard yet the sound quality here takes away the deal. It is of the bass clarinet family if one is looking for the best. As mentioned before the model is tuned with the Bb key, but it can be used to play Eb key as well.


This comes under the more cost accessible brands present out there yet providing an intermediate clarinetist the best value for money. As a feature, we have the Mendini MCT-30 which is made of wood and offers a really good sound quality for the price. Although it has been noted by professionals that a few tweaks to this model can help make it truly incredible. The only trade-off here is the mouthpiece. It can be covered up by getting a replacement.


Jean paul is one of the top-rated clarinet brands. Although these might not be recommended for rough usage, they stand out as the ones with the highest quality sound. As a feature, we have the Jean Paul USA CL-300 which is ranked as the best student clarinet in terms of pricing and the sound quality. The ebonite built provides a better sound than the plastic ones. It has some durability to it and also the fact that it’s made of ebonite it doesn’t require as much care as the wood ones.


The clarinets of Nuvo are known as the clarineos. These are specially crafted for the younger generation. They provide top clarinets for the early players and are built for smaller hands. As a feature, we have the Nuvo N100CLBL Clarineo Kit which has a plastic build and ar made for somewhat rough usage by the younger generation. The only con here is that it comes with a non-traditional key that is C. Hence it may require some guidance as one switches to the traditional Bb type.


The Cecilio is a well-known and a top-rated brand when it comes to getting a quality instrument. Although the design has a slightly large construction and weighs a little more, hence may not be suitable for people with smaller hands or frames. But it provides an overall comfort for most players. As a feature, we have the Cecilio CT-380. If the idea of owning a wooden without having to invest a thousand dollars in it, then this might be the option for you.

The Cecilio CT-380 comes with a solid rosewood body that durable and it also has silver-plated keys with adjustable thumb rest and Italian quality pads.


Jupiter is a brand that best suits some of the more advanced players out there or the ones that are advancing to step up their clarinet skills. As a feature, we have the JCL-700N which has a tough resin body that is meant for long-lasting usage. It has a long barrel which aids in making the sound warm, reliable and rich. It comes with a smooth matt finish and nickel-plated keys that are made to look appealing to the eye.