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There’s no doubt, science and technology have made life easier and smoother. There is the presence of technology in every field. Today, one cannot imagine their survival without science. From top to bottom, science and technology have successfully created a great influence on human life. From the invention of mobile to television, the automobile to the machine, science has made life simpler and manageable. One of the best technological inventions is an electric can opener. The electric opener is widely used in the food world. It is used to open packed cans softly.

What is an Electric Opener?

An Electric opener is a mechanical tool used for opening tin or steel containers. Today, usually tin cans are used to pack food items to prevent it from bacterial attacks and keep it fresh for a longer period of time. Although, tin cans were used for food packaging for many years ago. In older times, when food items were packed in tin or steel container, opening that container required a lot of effort. The container was opened using a sharp object like a knife or screwdriver. Sometimes, using such sharp objects proved harmful. But nowadays the invention of the electric opener has changed the scenario. One can easily open a tin container using an electric opener.

Basic Structure of a Can Opener

There’s a basic structure of a can opener regardless on the basis of different types.

  1. Base:- In the manual can openers, the base enables the user to keep the can stabilize with one hand by pressing the handles together, so that the other hand can regulate the crank.
  2. Crank:- The crank is used in regulating the gear. This is the basic part and it is present in both; manual and electric can opener. Some wall-mounted can openers have an adjustable crankshaft to hold different sizes of tin cans.
  3. Circular Knife:- A knife is present in the opener to tear down the metal and open the can. It is also present in manual as well as an electric can opener.
  4. Knife Holder:-The circular knife is held in place with a small metal holder-like part and holds the knife with the operational gear.
  5. Gear:- Work of the gear is to move the circular knife. The gear is connected to an electric crank or by a manual crank, depending on its mechanism.
  6. Electric Motor:- This part is present in electric can openers only. It helps in rotating crank and circular knife.

Types of Can Openers

Can openers are basically divided into two parts? The division is on the basis of operation. One is hand-operated and the other is electrically operated. Hence, there are two types of Can openers. They are Manual Can openers and Electric Can openers. Both types of can openers have been discussed below:-

  1. Manual Can openers:- This type of can opener was invented many years ago. It was used in opening the tin or metal cans. In making a manual can opener, very fewer resources were utilized. It is not electrically-operated. It means that energy is not used while using this tool. It is manual and by using hands it can be easily operated. Manual can openers are easily available. It is very economical. This type of opener can be easily stored at any place in the house. Moreover, it is very simple to clean the opener.A manual can opener generally takes a longer period of time to open a can. Probability of cutting hand is high. It gets jammed easily. And most importantly, if the user is suffering from arthritis, then it is advised not to use the manual can opener.

  1. Electric Can opener:- The biggest advantage of this type of can opener is that it saves time. It speedily cuts the metal can and opens the seal. An electric opener puts less pressure on hands and wrist. Due to electrical energy, the force used by hands is lowered. Safety guards have been installed on the newer design electric can openers which prevent from being cut by the can lids. It is portable. It does not need installation or wiring at any corner of the house.

In this competitive market era, it is very tough to find good material. Between manual and electric can opener, one should always make a reasonable choice. Both types of can openers are best in their own way. They have advantages and disadvantages of their own. The buyer is free to make the choice among varieties of product available in the market. Use of the electric can opener is increasing in the kitchen day by day because of its innumerable number of advantages.

Yes, it is little costly because of the materials used in it. But the speed and high safety and security characteristics add colours to the selling of electric can openers. Earlier due to the absence of high technology, humans had to put the physical effort in order to successfully complete the task but as science and technology are expanding, it results in scientific inventions and research. Electric can opener helps in opening the tin or steel can painlessly. Nowadays, many more features have been added to the electric can openers. Automatic shut off feature, knife sharpener, jar and bottle openers and a magnetic lid holder have been installed to enhance the quality of electric can opener. All the aspect of electric can opener should be kept in mind while purchasing it. The buyer should not fall for attractive advertisements but also they should take care of the components while purchasing it.

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