5 Best DSLR Cameras Under 30,000 INR in India


Canon industries is a Japanese manufacturing company, which is dealing with camera and video studio. Canon offers some best cameras and camera recorders. Canon is mostly preferred by young photographers or professional studio makers as well. Canon was founded in 1937. This is one of the best dslr camera in 30000.

Canon offers an APS CMOS sensor with a 24-megapixel lens, which can clear some decent good range photos and videos. Canon also has an ISO ranging from 100 to 6400, which will give you excellent low light photography and a daylight movie.

Canon offers a digit four-plus image processor, which can click a video or a photo with nine + zoom and focusing points, which gives us crisp and high-quality photographs compared to others who have 6 or 10. Canon also offers us a preset lens18 – 55mm lens. Canon 1500 d can also record full HD video with tonnes of customization as it does support manual videography mode. Canon is offering excellent connectivity as it can be connected through your phone by Bluetooth or NFC.

It also has Wi-Fi connectivity, which can directly upload your photos to the drive. Canon is also compatible with an ef-s lens mount, so if you are a videographer and looking for a camera to shoot videos, this wouldn’t cause any trouble to you while putting it on a lens mount. Canon offers an LCD touch screen, which can give you decent feedback and is easier to use. It comes with an OS 1500 battery and a battery charger as well. Canon comes with three x optical zoom and 18 mm minimum focal length.

In the designing department, canon has given it a rubber finish over the front with a dual-tone black grey finish. It has a rubber body over the hand area and assembled polymer plastic body over the top side.

Panasonic LUMIX G7 16.00 MP 4K Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera Kit with 14-42 mm Lens (Black)

Panasonic is a multinational customer electronic company that has headquartered in Osaka. It was founded in 1918 and was a premium producer of light bulbs. It grew up and collaborated with various brands such as Sheeba, Hitachi, or Sony and then grew into different markets and is now the world’s largest television manufacturer. They are famous for their unique conceptual designs and minimalistic approach to their finishing.

Panasonic is now an old name in the Indian market in can be bought from online to the offline market. Panasonic features the LUMIX series as their DSLR series.

Lumix offers 16-megapixel microlens with its body. It has a low pass filter and can click or capture some decent photographs. Lumix also offers a 4K compatibility under a very affordable price.

Lumix can click 4K photos and videos. It has a burst mode with 30fps, which can click some peace and sports photography as well. It comes with various controls and can easily customize settings.

It comes with the dialler over the top like most of the premium cameras, but it also supports manual and automatic photographs and videography. Lumix offers a high-resolution viewfinder, which can help you locate and visualize your videography.

Lumix also offers on the LED viewfinder, which is inbuilt in the screen. It has considered one of the best vlogging cameras out there at a very affordable price. Lumix also comes with connectivity support to UHS and SDHC.

In the manufacturing department, it comes with a textured rubber finish over the body with a minimal hint of polymer plastic and does look and feel good. The build quality is minimal and sharp at the edges, and the minimum features of the design have cornered edges. The build quality of the camera is not that great as compared to others in the same range. Lumix is an underrated camera brand by Panasonic, but it offers various customization and processers.


Sony is a Japanese brand dealing with electronics in the semi electronics department for a while now. They make a range of mobile phones and music devices.

Sony has achieved great heights of success as it is one of the biggest companies in the world. It houses over 2 lakh people.

Sony corporation is now famous for its cameras called Sony alpha, which most Indian vloggers use.

Sony offers and CMOS sensor with its digital camera with 24 high-resolution megapixels that can click some amazing photographs and take some videos. Sony has mentioned that this camera can go up to 25600 iso, which can click some decent pictures. It comes with a BIONZ x image processor, which has accuracy and speed to the autofocus technology of this camera, making it a higher deal than Canon or Nikon.

It also has a full HD resolution functionality and can capture some fantastic videos with its high-quality sensor. Sony offers in connectivity with NFC and Wi-Fi, which makes it stand out as most brand makers or owners do not provide us with this kind of feature. Sony also comes with the lens mount support, which is suitable if you are into vlogging. Sony also mentioned that it continuously captures 29 minutes of videos without any issue.

In the manufacturing department, Sony has stood out as it comes with full-body rubber finish and a grey stone finish over the top center. It also comes with an alpha logo, and a Sony logo as well on the backside comes with a detachable 360 degree LED panel, which is a touch screen LED panel. It also has a removable lens, which is a bit downgrade as compared to other cameras. The glass they offer is 18 to 15 matter is very decent if you’re into blogging, and you don’t have to use any telephoto lenses or microlens.

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